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Charles Circuit

I'm a huge fan of fly screens because they protect us from all the little nasties that like to get into our homes!!! The only problem is that they age quite badly and once they have a hole in them they kinda become useless so whenever there is a problem I make sure to get them repaired as quickly as possible so they don't deteriorate beyond usage. I have used Al Rafai Aluminium & Glass Est. about twice now and I'm happy with their service! They are polite and good at their job. I highly recommend them. The aluminium wire turns white and over a period of time becomes powdery and deteriates quite badly and your very touch will make them fall apart. People put off replacing or repairing their screens not realising how cheap it is to replace them.

Helen Gorring

We used Al Rifai Aluminium & Glass Est. at one point when we wanted to replace two of our fly screens that were badly damaged. Al Rifai surprised us by repairing the one fly screen that we thought was beyond repair!! Then the other one had a whole in it so there was no way of avoiding replacement. They did a fine job! They were quick, courteous and reasonably priced too. I recommend them for fly screen repairs

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